Caretta Caretta

Flora Garden Loves Caretta Caretta

During your holiday you can get the chance to witness the natural wonder of loggerheads dropping by at our beach as one of their favourites and laying eggs in our hotel. The beach at SENTIDO Flora Garden is one of the nesting areas of the Caretta Caretta(Loggerhead) turtles. 

Once in a year they walk onto beach in order to lay an egg. You must be really lucky to see a mother loggerhead.  For this reason, we do our best to make sure we are looking after these delightful creatures by ensuring we are doing all we can to keep them protected

  • Female Carettas are very sensitive during  their nesting and breeding period. For this reason, when the females are laying their eggs  on the beach they must not be disturbed. 
  • Once the eggs have hatched the young turtles move quickly to the water.The baby carettas find their way to the sea by using the light from the moon.Residential lighting must be kept to a minimum  in the designated protected  areas of coastline.
  • Vehicles  may compress any sand that they pass over. This could result in the baby carettas becoming trapped in the sand. For this reason,the nesting areas are protected by prohibiting vehichles from entering the beach. 
  • Only vehicles approved by the Caretta Carettas Protection Assosication are allowed entry to the beaches and are used  for cleaning the surface on the beach. 
  • The peak period for nesting is May – September. During this time, strict noise and lighting measures are implemented in nesting areas.
  • Activities disturbing the natural balance on the beach such as taking sand and pebbles are not permitted. 
  • Beach restaurants and bars are not allowed to be constructed in the nesting area.Beach umbrellas are positioned in such a way that they will not  be  harmful or have a negative impact on nesting area. 
  • You will find that external lighting in SENTIDO Flora Garden is dim so as not to confuse the baby carettas and draw them away from the sea once they hatch.