General information

Our goal is to serve varied menus of delicious cuisine from around the world exclusively prepared to everybody's taste. The hotel individually serves each and every guest. Guests may enjoy breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, dinner, night buffet and sandwich services as well as specifically prepared menus and beverages within the framework of the all-inclusive concept.

 You can get local non-alcoholic drinks which are included from 07.00 a.m. until midnight; the local alcoholic drinks are available between 10.00 a.m. and midnight in all our bars. The Piano bar (lobby) is open 24 hours and we serve drinks which are included in your all-inclusive between 10.00 a.m. and midnight.

It is not allowed to take any food from the restaurant to your room. We kindly ask you to dress properly in the restaurant. We also kindly ask you not to wear swimwear, flip flops or sandals but to wear suitable clothes and we remind you of that the guests who do not respect the dress code will not be able to dine in the restaurants. Thank you for your understanding.

General restaurant rules            

  • All our restaurants are in closed areas and smoking is forbidden.
  • It is not allowed to serve alcoholic drinks for the age under 18.
  • At our special events our a la Carte restaurants are closed in order us to provide you a better service.
  • We kindly ask you not to take away food to your room from our restaurants for hygienic reasons. For special requests you can contact our room service ( for a fee ).
  • The Hotel Management may change the places/times of above written facilities according to weather change and other reasons.
  • We have dress code rule in our restaurants. We kindly ask you to follow this rule.

Please contact the Holiday Concierge to make a reservation.