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In order to enable you a blissful sleep, you can choose from a selection of pillows. Please contact our reception/guestrelation staff to get more information and select the one you prefer (available upon request).


  •  NATURAL LATEX (50*70)

Made with 100% natural latex pillow air vents, made from the rubber tree milk, which prevents sweating for maximum comfort.

  • ORTHOPEDIC PILLOW (40 * 60 * 12)

This pilllow fully supports the neck,  contaning fiber beads which react to the temperature of the body to form to the head and neck, giving proper support.

  • MEDIPOINT ( 50*70 )

The external sponge-like surface of the pillow, filled with silicone fiber, supports the neck preventing snoring and regulating breathing providing a thoroughly pleasant sleep.

  • 15 % GOOSE FEATHER (50*70)

(In the production of the pillows, there is no harm in the preparation from the livestock.)

  • NECK PILLOW 40*15

This pillow is sensitive to body temperature, made from viscoelastic material.



Anti-allergic double quilt.


Anti-allergic bed-linen.